The Red Wagon Inn

Tuesdays 7-11pm EST

Come grab a drink and pull up a chair and come join us at the Red Wagon Inn.

"The Red Wagon Inn is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition livestream session of the Homebrew World created by Rybonator. Joining him, are cast members, Alex, Brie, Drew, Jackie, & Jakey. Together, with the help and guidance of a mysterious God of Chat (Twitch Chat), the party seeks to find their place in this chaotic world, and survive long enough to get out of the pickle they keep putting themselves in. Either fortunately or unfortunately however, the God of Chat has other plans..."

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Commissions Closed Until Mid 2021


10 Commissions will be available every three months, to check availability please feel free to contact me below. Prices will vary for commissions based on degree of difficulty ranging from $75-$150 per set. Production times will also vary but will usually be around 2-3 weeks.

Great Communities to Join!

Online groups to join to learn to make dice!

If you are a dicemaker yourself and not yet part of the Dice Guild server on discord, feel free to let me know here or through a message on instagram!

Check out Dice Making Discoveries, and Goblin Dice Hoard on Facebook to learn tips and tricks to making your own dice, and where to find all the shiny clik claks

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Dicey Encounters Shipping Policy

Products are shipped 3-5 business days after purchase, unless otherwise stated. Pre-order items will state the shipping times in the product info of the listing. You will be emailed an Email Confirmation on successful purchase. When the product has been shipped, you will be notified by email with the tracking number.