This mold slab incudes a standard (D20, D100, D10, D8, D6) You must choose if you want a Rhombic D12 or Standard D12, and one of four options for the D4 (Caltrop, Shard, Crystal, or Wedge)  This mold comes in a slab for convenience as to not have multiple smaller molds to keep up with. These molds will have handmade key and registration points along the side to aid in maintaining the lid positioning while curing.

**Please note these are not food safe molds**

Molds are made with Smooth-On Dragon Skin FX Pro and are made in a 2 part slab mold/Cap mold system

Alternate Shape 7 piece Mold

  • Items may take 3-6 weeks to ship as each product is made to order. All orders will come with Tracking Numbers, both domestic and international orders.

  • All mold sales are final. If you happen to have any issues with the mold please feel free to reach out through my email ( or through my instagram ( Dicey_encounters) to address any issues.