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Dice Mold FAQ

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Dice Mold FAQ: FAQ
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How long does it take to ship out a mold?

Great question! So I work 3 Jobs at the moment, so shipping times are usually 4-6 weeks. My main job has me devoting 24 hours at a time and sometimes 48hr shifts, so I don't get to make molds every day. I like to ship out in batches of 10 at a time, so if you see a shipping confirmation email and don't see any progress for a couple days, fear not! Most likely, I am finishing up that current batch to get out everything all at once!

How many cast can I get from a mold

These molds are made from Dragonskin Fx Pro. You should be able to get 15-25 Great quality castings, 10-15 castings that need minor touchups, and 10 castings that will need some TLC. Take care of your molds and they will take care of you.

Where can I go to see tutorials of the blank molds?

Rybonator had a lot of fun making dice with these molds, and you can watch those on his Youtube channel. Rybonator making blank dice (click here to go there)

In these tutorials you'll see the proper way to fill the molds and some cool ideas on what to do with them!

Do I need a pressure pot for these molds?

Short answer is yes. Lid molds thrive in a pressure pot environment. Since there are no escape vents for trapped air, it's best to make sure any large bubbles are free from your pour as to avoid voids in your cured dice. Other alternatives can include warming your resin before pouring, or a vacuum chamber to de-gas your resin before pouring. Also, these molds are made at 30-40 PSI

Can I order single dice molds that aren't d20's?

Sure! Id be glad to help you get exactly what you are looking for in a mold set. Shoot me an email and let me know what you are looking for and I can help!

Why do I need blank dice molds?

Dice blanks are a fantastic way to incorporate new designs that are not possible with standard dice molds. Additionally, blanks can be filled with inclusions that may otherwise poke out of standard dice castings (such as floral designs).

Are the blank molds polished?

The blanks masters are not as polished as the professionally polished numbered molds. This is for two reasons; it helps the silicone not stick to the flat faces in the molding process, and once the blanks are inserted into the numbered molds any lines or "imperfections" on the blanks will disappear when they are casted into resin again.

What are the weird nubs around the edge of the molds?

These are registration keys! My molds are made with hand cut registration keys. These keys are used to make sure the lid locks into place when you close up your mold to go into the pressure pot. Without these keys, the lid would slide and the numbers on the lid side of the dice would be off, and no one wants that.

I just want to try out small scale before I buy a full set mold, how do I do that?

I sell single D20 dice molds for first time hobbyist wanting to take a spin at making their own dice. I can also do a blank D20 insert mold if you want to try your hand at that as well! Just shoot me an email before you buy the single mold and I can set up an order for an additional Blank D20 mold!

Can I sell the dice I make from these molds?

Absolutely! Since these don't have my logo on the dice, feel free to sell the dice you make to anyone you want! The font I use is also fair use, so no worries about that either!

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